Crazy AIN'T Cute!

How this whole “dating thing” works can be completely confusing, at times!  Well, at least for me it can be!  Usually, I meet a cute guy, text for a while, have a couple phone calls, and if I’m still interested after all that… we go on a date!

I am very, very cautious in new dating situations.  I always meet my date in a public place and then once I feel comfortable, I allow him to pick me up from my home.  I have to be careful who I interact with as a single woman (we all do) because you never know if this really cute guy just happens to be crazy as hell!!

I’m not talking about “you so crazy”, crazy as hell... I’m talking about, hiding in your bushes, show up to your hangouts, and stalk your social media pages… CRAZY!!

But what do you do when they hold out on showing their crazy?  How do you recognize the crazy before it’s too late?  A friend of mine told me, the crazy is always there, you just have to recognize it!

I was dating a guy; he was fine too!  Geez… Had me swooning so much I didn’t pay attention to the crazy signs.  And he did show them… If I didn’t answer the phone or was unavailable, I consistently had an angry voice mail waiting for me.


I thought he was just trying to ruffle my feathers, acting like a baby, cuttin’ up… But this man turned out to be crazy, FOR REAL!  To make a long story short, I saw too many crazy signs and I had to let him go!  To further prove my point, he continues to call my phone and send texts daily.  I will NEVER respond to him, EVER!  I cannot take the risk… I’m just happy I saw the signs before he really showed me how crazy he was!

But ladies, some of us are crazy too!  I have a friend who happens to be a handsome and successful man.  He has no trouble in the dating department; in fact, he gets lots of attention from women.  Recently, we had a conversation about one woman who takes it completely too far!

She leaves him Facebook messages, texts often, and shows up to places when she knows he’ll be there!  I’ve seen this with my own two eyes and he NEVER responds.  I wonder where this motivation comes from!  What makes a person this persistent?!?  I mean seriously, if she put this much effort into starting a business, she’d be a millionaire!  But what bothers me the most is that she is a woman!

Ladies, I don’t care how many movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read, MEN LOVE TO CHASE!  If you are doing ALL of the calling, ALL of the texting, ALL of the reaching out, then he’s just not that into you!  When a man is interested, he will make it known!

Bottom line, crazy AIN’T cute!  Be careful who you interact with and watch for signs, because things could get bad very quickly!  Also, try your best NOT to be a “crazy”, LOL!

Table for One please… Cautiously dating… Love me or leave me alone!

BACK TO HAPPY TIP:  There’s a thin line between cute and crazy!  You never want to be perceived as something you are not!  So watch your actions, it may save you a little heartache!


  1. LMAO you DID NOT tell me he was still calling LMAO!!!! I told you to watch out lol!!! You gone learn today!!!!!!

    1. HA!!! I'm just saying I have to be honest... Not liking "the crazy" AT ALL! Thanks for reading :-)

  2. 1 ALL women are crazy lbs sorry but it's the truth. 2 not all men like to chase. I particularly HATE it. When I think a girl tries to play the game cat and mouse with me I stop trying and move on. Sorry but us men (at least the ones that care) have way too much to deal with when it comes to proving that all men aren't dogs like some females make us out to be so the minute I see a woman is testin me or playin games, I'm done. Like you said earlier the crazy signs are always visible it's just that when you're attracted to someone you see it from a different perspective vs when you're not attracted to them. Nice post though Im actually enjoying your work sis. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for reading! And YES women are crazy too! I think its all a matter of "how much" crazy we can handle! LOL Keep it to a minimum! LOL Thanks again for reading :-)


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