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I have to be honest with you… As I began to write this week’s post I found myself writing, re-writing, and editing what I had written… I found myself explaining why the post was so sad and discouraging.I wrote about how I am ready for more… How I am trying to stay encouraged during what is pretty lonely holiday season for me.And then, as I listened to Pandora Radio these words began to pump through my speakers:
Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test.
And no matter how you feel,
speak the word and you will be healed;
speak over yourself,
encourage yourself in the Lord…

This song is called Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence.Although I have always loved this song and have turned to it in times of needed encouragement, there was something special about its timing on this particular day.I was literally writing a post complaining.Complaining about my personal life and how I want more.Being single is not always easy and although at time…

The Day of Never Before

Today, 12/12/12, the day of never before...This is a once in a lifetime day! I, along with several other people, am very excited and doing awesome things!Some people are making wishes, others starting new ventures… and then there are the people who are living as if this day is nothing special!

How many opportunities do you get to celebrate for nothing at all? I, for one, like to take days like these… you know, the abnormal ones, and create something special! I just like to have a reason to celebrate, smile, and enjoy myself!To be honest with you, I didn’t give it much thought until midnight…
Yesterday was quite a doozy for me…work was stressful, the day was long, and I couldn’t get through it fast enough.For some reason, I was concentrating on some feedback I received a while ago and it was truly eating away at me.
It’s weird though, because I was feeling down for the entire day and then at midnight, I was given a reason to smile, a few reasons…more than enough to make me forget about t…

If you ask me, I'm Ready!

As I look at this picture, I see more of myself than the normal person would.This feather is not only beautiful, but it is free, detached, and open to vast opportunities.It’s open to go anywhere.It has no boundaries… This feather is me.
I am so super excited for my future… As 2013 approaches, I am so excited for what’s in store for me as I, like this feather, am ready for anything…ready to see the fruits of my labor.I am excited. Open. Eager. Optimistic.
This feather inspires me…this feather gives me a better outlook.You may see something completely different.I am grateful for my perception.Stay tuned…
Table for one please… If you ask me, I’m ready! Love me or leave me alone…
BACK TO HAPPY TIP: If I can find hope in a single feather, you can find hope somewhere.Stay positive, optimistic, and prayerful.It’s coming.