I have to be honest with you… As I began to write this week’s post I found myself writing, re-writing, and editing what I had written… I found myself explaining why the post was so sad and discouraging.  I wrote about how I am ready for more… How I am trying to stay encouraged during what is pretty lonely holiday season for me.  And then, as I listened to Pandora Radio these words began to pump through my speakers:

Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.
Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test.
And no matter how you feel,
speak the word and you will be healed;
speak over yourself,
encourage yourself in the Lord…

This song is called Encourage Yourself by Donald Lawrence.  Although I have always loved this song and have turned to it in times of needed encouragement, there was something special about its timing on this particular day.  I was literally writing a post complaining.  Complaining about my personal life and how I want more.  Being single is not always easy and although at times it can be fun, freeing, unpredictable, and exciting, it can also be lonely, difficult and trying. 

But, when you know that others expect certain things from you, you feel the need to be that person for them at all times.  Not only is this exhausting, however, it is an extremely hard task because no one is ever “always” anything.  I cry and get sad, I kick and scream and complain… I am human.  But for some reason I feel like I cannot allow myself to go there because I have to encourage others (I’m pretty sure it is become my purpose for being here) and how can I be positive and encouraging if I am complaining about my own life.  It feels selfish and ungrateful, which are two things we all know I never want to be viewed as.

A good friend of mine, Andrew, tweeted this: Who encourages the encourager?

Although he posted this tweet a while ago, it continued to stick with me as I face life!  I have so much going on that I do not have time to complain, and then when I do… I feel horrible about doing so, or some divine intervention stops me from going there!  But I have challenged myself to answer Andrew’s question…

The encouragers must find ways to encourage themselves as well as understand that needing encouragement is ok! I have learned to take it easy on myself when I am feeling down, because if I never had problems, hard times or unhappy moments how would I know what true happiness feels like? 

Life is a wonderful thing, it overflows with lessons but I am grateful for my open mind… I have somehow managed to turn my discouraged spirit into one that is hopeful and ready… Eager and excited for what’s to come… I’m not sure what will happen the next time I need a little encouragement, but just like the other encouragers of the world must do… I’ll figure it out!

Table for one please… Sometimes I amaze myself… Love me or leave me alone…

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