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LOVE: My Favorite Word

Love.I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite word.But not just because I’m a hopeless romantic, it’s so much more than that… I believe that it’s an action, not something superficial to just be thrown around with insignificance.Because for me, it has so many different roles in my life.
I love God.Now, I don’t normally go all super religious but how can I talk about love and not mention the One who loved me so much He sacrificed His only Son?!?I mean, I am who I am, have the blessings, talents and sanity I have because of who He is!My strength, joy, faith, LIFE comes from God.I am truly blessed with many gifts and he continually blesses me!I love God.Sacrificial LOVE.
I love my family.I am talking about the people you are stuck with…LOL! The people who you couldn’t get rid of if you tried.Family is who I am.I’ve inherited good AND bad habits, learned the true meaning of patience, and experienced an obscene amount of joy.I mean family that’s there to pick me up when I fall and family who knows t…

I Need A Fixin' Too!

I’ve been struggling for a while about whether or not to give the whole “Basketball Wives” effect on the black woman’s reputation any more attention than it’s already gotten. As I watched Evelyn Lozada on Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” earlier this week, I realized that I had to address a few things. I believe the behavior displayed on “Basketball Wives” should be used as a lesson, a test or an example of how we SHOULD NOT act or react in certain situations.I am a strong believer that every action has a reaction and that we will always have consequences for the bad decisions we make, whether they are direct or indirect… as Iyanla says, “it’s going to cost you.”
Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that Evelyn deserves any of the things that have happened to her, I am not an “I told you so” type of person, we all need some improvement, however it’s definitely made me think about my actions and where I am in my life! I posted a status jokingly on Facebook the other night as I watched …

Hello Fear

I’ve never thought of myself as a fearful person… Cautious maybe, but never fearful…Being afraid would make me a coward and that is something I definitely am not!But as I look at how I sometimes live my life, I realize that I may be living in fear.
Fear of being hurt, fear of failure and the biggest one of all, fear of being alone!To be honest with you, I’m afraid of trusting a situation enough to just “jump”… Be it a relationship, a new business venture, or everyday decisions.This fear is most definitely holding me back! But I refuse to let it take control.
This fear has, in fact, become my motivation…my reason to press on, move forward, and take a chance!And if I fall, I fall.I’ve talked about this before, but I think I’m able to face it all with a different point of view now.
What happens when you are too afraid to do something?Lately, I’ve learned to ask myself where the fear comes from… Am I afraid of failure or that I may actually SUCCEED? Success is scary… It comes with responsibi…

Now, That's Beautiful!

I often speak of how much of a “girlie girl” I am… and it’s true!! I love jewelry, make-up, shoes, shopping, love stories, musicals, and anything that sparkles! I love being a girl; I get to wear dresses for no reason at all and smile at cute guys whenever I feel like it!
When it comes to dating, I have found that most men appreciate the fact that I am “girlie”! The men I attract like to see me dressed up and womanly in my skirts and heels! And I take FULL advantage!
I am definitely not the “I am woman, hear me roar!” type of woman though. I like to feel taken care of…gas pumped, tires changed, car washed, boxes lifted, and all of that good stuff. I did have an independent woman moment a few months ago when I put windshield wiper fluid in my car though! LOL! But seriously, I am no “damsel in distress”, however; I do love to feel like a woman!
I mostly take pride in the fact that I am a black woman! I often joke with my bestie that I am a regular black chick…Not dark or light, fat or skin…