The Storm is Over Now!

There’s something about the way the sun shines right after a storm that makes it so much better.  The reflections of the sun against the rain puddles are reminders that the storm has come and gone!  Reminders are the best; they show us the past, so that we can appreciate the present.

Have you ever been so fixated on the past that you couldn’t appreciate the present?  My current place in life is exactly like the calm after a storm.  The birds are beginning to chirp again, the sun rays are peeking through the clouds, and refreshing raindrops continue to drip from the leaves of the trees.  Things are very peaceful, as if something wonderful is coming.

Late last year, I wrote about how I was in a storm and how I was handling it,  I knew that I needed to stay grounded and hopeful…I needed to remember that my present was better than my past and speak great things into my future!  This was a pretty difficult time in my life but I continued to remember that storms always pass.  I was right!  I’m continually grateful for my strength and support system because THE STORM IS OVER NOW!

Stay hopeful, find the bright side, and understand the test!  I’m not saying that I have completely found all that I am looking for; I have however, learned to appreciate receiving the things I have been praying for.  I’m simply enjoying the calm after the storm, basking in it all because another storm may be here before I know it!

I think that life is a test, where at times we are the smart kid in class and other times we need a little help…It’s in those times that we need to remember that trouble don’t last always!

I know that in this life, I will have to face many more storms, but I am grateful for today!  Enjoying the calm AFTER the storm, reflecting on what I’ve been through, and preparing for what’s next!  I appreciate the storm but the storm is over now!

Hello sunshine…  I’ve been waiting for you!  :)

Table for One please… Eager for what’s to come… Love me or leave me alone!

BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Appreciate the present… It is only preparation for the future!


  1. I found your blog through 'For Harriet'...I'm loving it already. Thanks for sharing, I'm waiting for the sun too!

  2. @MzTrayJay Thanks so much for reading!!! I post once a week on Mondays!!! Please remember to follow and thanks for the feedback! Gotta love support :-)

  3. One of my favorite songs...(lyrics)..The sun is gonna shine, if I hold out...!


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