Who Do You Think You Are!?!

I’ve been talking to people a lot lately, not just running my mouth (that’s easy…) but I’ve been having real conversations, conversations about real issues that have been very enlightening.  I’m super open, always have been.  I think that it’s the best way to make progress… to be honest with yourself!

I talk to myself a lot too! LOL, I’m not crazy… I just want to make sure I am being completely honest with myself in all situations.  When I say I am content, I mean it!  The reason I know is because I ask myself often and I see clear examples in my behavior.  I compare the way I react currently in certain situations to the way I’ve reacted in the past.  A part of it is becoming more mature, but it’s also got a lot to do with how I’ve learned to accept where life has brought me.

It’s completely possible to lie to yourself, especially when you are “in your feelings” so I make SURE that I am what I say I am!

I see people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post about how happy they are in their single life. Then they turn around and are super sad and unsupportive of people who speak often of how happy they are in their relationships.  What’s up with that!?!

It’s ok to be sad or unhappy with where you are in your life!  Everything is not going to be “smooth sailing” all of the time, and that’s ok!!! 

Now, I can speak on this because IT WAS ME!! I was trying my best to accept my life for what it was, but then I’d get upset when I saw people who had what I REALLY wanted.  It’s a hard thing to be happy for someone who has what you are so eager to have as well…  It takes strength, faith, contentment, optimism and much more to be happy for others.  But what I’ve found is that what’s for others isn’t necessarily for me! THAT was a hard pill to swallow, but once I got it down I was able to be truly happy with the deck of cards I was dealt and I’m learning to play with what I’ve got! And I’m happy with it! FINALLY!

My point for this post is to make people think… Whether you are single or married, successful or still working your way up BE HONEST with yourself and others.  You never know, letting your true feelings show may build a new relationship or open doors you never knew were there!

Who do you live for?  I ask myself this question often.  NO I am not perfect and YES I have setbacks and bad days and disappointing times… but I’m honest about those times so that I can grow from them.  I want to be better today than I was yesterday and even better tomorrow, but in order for that to happen I must be honest with myself.

There’s nothing wrong with faking it til you make it as long as the person you are trying to fool isn’t yourself!  Just try it… After you pray and before you go to sleep ask yourself some questions and be honest! You just might be surprised with your answers.

Table for One please… Continually growing… Love me or leave me alone…

BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Find out WHO YOU ARE before trying to make improvements to yourself... You might be just fine with the person you already are!


  1. I agree with you. A lot of people are not honest with themselves. That make growth and making much needed changes difficult. A part of maturing is being able to call yourself on your own BS. Another thing that gets me is those who believe if they just find Mr. Right all will be well in their world not realizing they need be happy within before adding anyone else to their lives. BTW, I talk to myself alot too. hehe. That just my two cents.


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