Have you ever had one? I almost had one the other night.  I ran across some old pictures and decided to look through them. I normally don’t do this because I know they will take me back to a time when I was Dangerously in Love and I just don’t need to go back there.  But I looked anyway…

I ran across a beautiful picture of me and my ex, we looked so happy… we were at my cousin’s 30th birthday party dancing.  I looked at the picture for a second (which was way too long in my opinion). It was a candid shot, so neither one of us was looking at the camera.  The photo seemed to tell the whole story of what our relationship embodied.  Joy, love, fun, passion, friendship, all of that and more…  It kind of upset me to know that I felt all of this emotion from looking at this picture for literally one second.  So after my glance I tossed in the trash because all that the picture represented is gone and will never be back. 

I feel that the past is just that and should be left there.  I guess I’m not strong enough to face it.  Even though it was long ago I still can see the scars that the scabs left after they healed.  You know what I mean?  The pain I felt from my break up is no longer there, but I can still see the scars that were left behind and I DO NOT want to re-live that time… EVER with ANYONE! So, I just move forward and I never plan to look back.

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Thomas Jefferson

I am so hopeful for my future that I’ve made it a point to leave my past where it is.  I have never been a “break up and get back together” kind of girl, when something in my life is over I never look back.  I don’t know if this is a defense mechanism or great willpower.  But I’ve been like this since I was a child…

If I asked my parents for something and they said no then that was the end of the conversation.  I am not a beggar…I am not a risk taker…I am not a second try girl.  I just feel that everything happens when it does and how it does for a purpose.  If it was for me then I would have gotten it. So everything that’s in my past (if up to me) will remain there.  I will not brush the dust off of anything in my past because I’m too eager for my future to look back!

Setbacks… We can either allow them to have power or toss them in the trash.  I almost had one the other day and I’m grateful for my strength.  When you have something to look forward to, old stuff has no validity and although I will never forget that time in my life it’s over!  I am grateful for the good times… the bad times… the experience… but life goes on.

Table for One please… Looking forward NOT back… Love me or leave me alone!
BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Memories should always make you smile… If they don’t, leave them where they belong… THE PAST!  


  1. I could have saved myself a lot of grief by letting go of the past and NOT looking back. I thank God for His grace and for bringing me to this better place. Thanks for your post!

  2. This is great! Even as a married lady, I have to draw the line on what I look back on...I have learned what is healthy and what can just cause trouble!

  3. Kudos to you and moving on! I happen to keep those types of pictures only because I look cute in all of them, so I feel like why toss a perfectly good photo of myself. I just dismiss the ex standing next to me. He's just an accessory I wore that know kinda like a purse. Lol

  4. Thanks for reading ladies... My strength came from tossing it in the trash! LOL Please continue to engage in conversation I enjoy your thoughts!

  5. The past consist of things that have happened even 1 second ago....everything that we experience in life is just that..EXPERIENCE. What we have to do is learn the lesson in it all and be able to apply what we have learned to our life moving forward. Unfortunately, we don't all learn the first time around. Just understand that, a picture (photo) is just a physical visual, and that same picture is forever embedded in your mind. It will never go away fully, if only for a moment. The garbage is no place for a great life lesson! Much love Court!


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