Unapologetically Me!

I am who I am and have been given all that I have not only because I am blessed but because of the influence of those who came before me.  Pastor Horace Smith says, “We are losing the future generations by raising them incorrectly and not holding them accountable for their actions and it is our responsibility to be the leading example for them to follow.”
I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect; in fact, I’m quiet flawed… but who isn’t?  All of my “wrongs” will be “right” to someone, someday. 
In my life, I have been blessed with two loving and successful parents who were able to provide a wonderful life for me, but on top of that I was allowed to be myself.  Free-spirited, imaginative and bursting with energy!
I am without a doubt loud…but I have reason to be!  I am blessed beyond measure and living in the best times of my life, why wouldn’t I want to share that with the world? I love to have fun and my over-the-top personality is a threat to most…but I refuse to be untrue to who I am!  What’s for me is for me (be it personal or professional) and it will be!  
Being caring and sensitive are also attributes I carry.  I’m a little too sensitive if you ask me, but it’s who I am!  I’ll cry at the drop if a hat and catch an attitude even faster! LOL I can’t help it! I care for my loved ones immensely and I put a lot of effort into those relationships and when I am underappreciated, it truly hurts.
As I previously mentioned, I have great parents.  They are beautiful! I’m a mixture of the two of them and I am proud of what I look like!  My hair is not long, my face is round, my cheeks are big, I am not “model skinny” but I am beautiful!  That’s not all though; my attributes come from them as well. Strength, kindness, loyalty, authority and much more has been demonstrated by my parents and they are who I strive to be like.  They have led by example and now it’s my responsibility and commitment to do the same for those who come after me.

One of my favorite quotes is: “If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Rupaul
In fact, it’s my reasoning behind this post!  I love myself no matter what and I’m proud of the woman I’ve become.  In all that I am: spoiled, dramatic, loud, bitchy, silly, sensitive, mothering, caring, critical… FLAWED!

Table for One please… Unapologetically me… Love me or leave me alone…

BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Throw all of our stress out of the window and act like a kid again… No worries… No stress… No bills!  Live today like it’s your last and worry about the rest of the crap tomorrow!


  1. Known you for years, only flaw I've seen is that you believe you're flawed.. In my eyes you're a perfect diamond dipped in 1738... (-:

  2. Love Love Love Love Loooovvvveeeeeee!!!!! So proud of You and this blog homie!!! Very inspiring! From here on out, I'm gonna be Unapologetically Me! Shea.

  3. That's was up Shea Shea!!!!! We all should!!! #teamtable4one!!!!


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