Think about your favorite season…
I, for one, prefer summer because the sun is always shining, the temperature is perfect for ice cream and outdoor activities, and it just seems like people are in better moods!  When I think of seasons, I think of the elements that are present during that time, like snow in the winter, rain in the spring, leaves falling in the fall and sunshine in the summer.  This can also be the same for the relationships in our lives, because most of them go through seasonal changes.
It’s very funny how life’s seasons teach us lessons.  Of course, everything happens for a reason and I try my best to look at each situation I’m faced with in life as a lesson to make me a better person.  People come and go in our lives like seasons…they come in, do their job and leave (at least that’s how it works in my life).  I suppose it’s to make us think, analyze, learn and grow as people.  I have learned to enjoy the time I have with people, because I realize that it may only be for a season and if I am lucky, the meaningful ones will circle back around.
The first season of one particular friendship was completely euphoric, with and without romantic connections... it taught me many lessons…lessons of love, loyalty, honesty, responsibility, openness and trust… a truly undeniable, “take me as I am” friendship.  When this friendship ended, I was in shock.  I just never believed this one, the most meaningful interaction I had ever had with a male friend, would end.  But, I eventually learned the meaning of the saying “If you love someone, you’ll let them go”.  I really wanted him to be happy and even though we were not in a relationship when the friendship ended, he felt that I wasn’t what he wanted in a friend and I had no choice but to accept his wishes.
Years later, of course, he has circled back into my life and although it’s not in the same capacity as before… he’s here.  I’m not sure what this season is about.  I can usually pinpoint a person’s purpose for being in my life, but I just can’t put my finger on this one.  Although, I must admit, things are different this time… When you are use to a person being a certain way, having certain reactions and responses in certain situations (when you are truly close to a person, these things are automatically known) and then those things change… well, for lack of better words, it’s weird!  Have you ever tried to “get to know” someone you thought you already knew?  Well, it’s a very interesting process.
I’m not sure what his purpose is for resurfacing in my life, but just as I am prepared for all of the other seasons in my life, I am prepared and open to living through this one.  I am not expecting some great fairy tale or great, big obvious lesson from this; I’m just beginning to realize how this whole thing works (seasons, that is).  If someone is meant to be in your life for one season or for many, you won’t have to chase them or hold them hostage…just learn to be still and they will come back.
Just like the weather, life has seasons and there is nothing wrong with being prepared for and living through them…  Just be sure to bring your umbrella, hat, scarf, boots, and sunglasses along, because the season could change right before your eyes and there’s nothing better than being prepared!
Table for One please... Living in my PRESENT season... Love me or leave me alone... :-)
BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Be prepared!  Preparation, in all that you do, will make the process less stressful and anything that can be done stress-free is a wonderful thing!


  1. Sis, you and I must be in the same space! Swear just ran into an "old Friend" from years back... just a couple weeks ago... and its strange because I feel like I am trying to get to know this "new" him all over again. So, I get that it is "wierd".... but must always let time take its course- Regardless of the season or time!


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