The BEST OF Table 4 One: A Forgiving Heart

Are you forgiving?  I mean really, truly forgiving?  I know I try to be, but only when it’s granted. It actually takes a lot of strength to be forgiving; to take your feelings out of a situation and forgive the person who has wronged, hurt, angered, or WHATEVERED (yes, I made up a word) you!  I’m pretty sure it all boils down to the bigger situation and if it’s actually worth it.  But, that’s a personal choice.
Before you decide to forgive someone, do you come up with grounds for whether or not they should be forgiven or is it a choice you make, regardless of their reasoning?  I, for one, am a pretty good judge of a meaningful apology and that’s usually all it takes.  I mean, we are talking about minor, non-life changing, silly, but still significant situations that can be corrected.  I mean, who are we to judge?  The most unforgiving people usually are in the wrong or in wrong situations themselves.  I wonder why that is?
I wonder where I would be in my life if God didn’t forgive me for the things I do wrong DAILY!?!?!  No seriously, He’s perfect and He forgives us all of the time…I don’t know about y’all, but I’m human; which means, I am nowhere close to perfect and I DO make mistakes.  But I feel that it’s all about the recovery…What do you do to right the wrongs you’ve made!?!  And with that being said, how much effort is considered enough?
When I feel I am wrong, I always admit it.  I know that my big personality can sometimes get me into situations that hurt others, not often, but things happen.  Because honestly, people hurt my feelings, say mean things, leave me hanging, lie, and disrespect me all of the time!  But I’ve learned that in this life we are not ALWAYS in control of everything (even though we want to be) and sometimes SHIT HAPPENS!  But we have to decide whether the relationship, be it romantic, platonic, professional or casual is worth the work to mend broken bridges and the same with bridges that are already broken.  For instance, past relationships that ended badly or friendships that will never be the same…
I will always be forgiving because I know that I make mistakes.  And please don’t get me wrong, I am in no way, shape or form using apologies as a scapegoat because they should be sincere, but just like you get a gut feeling about a person’s character when you first meet them, you can use those same feelings when it comes to forgiveness.  And if you choose to forgive, do JUST that, because if you have to revisit the situation over and over again, did you truly forgive!?!
I will continue to live my life and take the good with the bad, the perfections and the flaws, the rights and the wrongs because when a PERSON is engaging in relationships that are sincere, mistakes WILL happen…The true test is all about the recovery.  I am grateful for my forgiving heart, do you have one?
Table for One please… imperfectly human… Love me or leave me alone…  
BACK TO HAPPY TIP:  Please gain a forgiving heart (if you don’t already have one). Holding grudges can weigh you down and if the person is that unimportant why give them the power to allow you to carry the baggage of the things they’ve done to hurt you?? FORGIVENESS is a selfless yet impacting virtue that we should all strive to live through.


  1. I actually did a forgiveness challenge on my blog to show people how to let those negative emotions. Forgiveness is for me and not the other person. I don't need those emotions in my body.

  2. Thank you Friend........I needed this


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