Obey the Law

Have you heard of The Secret aka The Law of Attraction?

It is a metaphysical belief that "like attracts like" that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results and respectively, is simply speaking things into existence! I believe in this whole-heartedly… That our thoughts, beliefs and state of mind have a massive impact on what actually happens in our lives.

For instance, when I was thrown into the single life, I was a completely different person for a while… Sad, quiet, extremely sensitive (to be honest, I’m always extremely sensitive), I was basically a wreck!  Then one day, I decided that I was no longer going to be this person!  I was claiming my joy and taking it all back… And I did!

Sometimes people count on you to be you!  And I was not providing my true self to my friends and family.  I have a friend who I have grown very close to in the past couple years.  She lives in Texas, so I hardly ever see her, but we are still close and I love that!  She will fuss when I’m wrong and rejoice when I’m happy… Our friendship is great and I love her to pieces!  We were recently having girl talk and I was in a public place giving very politically correct, unanimated answers… (For those of you who know me personally, you understand this is so NOT ME).  Well, she WAS NOT having it!  She said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you or where you are, but call me back when you can be Courtney”!  LOL (So, I guess I really am back to me!)

Ladies, we have to know and understand our worth, with that being said, we cannot allow past situations to affect current ones!  Why give the past that much power!?!  We are much stronger than that! 

I am the first to admit that it is hard for me to trust men when starting something new…But I am learning and working on letting my trust issues go in new situations.  An insecure woman is so unattractive, even if she is amazingly gorgeous! So, we have to be careful how we react in certain situations. 

For instance, just because your ex cheated on you, doesn’t mean the new guy will!  Ladies, we have got to do better!  (I’m working on this too)  We cannot punish the new boo for the old clown’s mistakes!  If we treat a man like he is cheating on us… HE WILL!!!  If we constantly ask him where he is, who he’s with and start snooping around, he will def give us something to find!  I know it’s hard to start fresh, but this is a MUST!

I am going to speak great things into MY LIFE!  I will have a successful fulfilling career…I will have joy…I will have peace!  I WILL ENJOY MY LIFE!  And whoever comes along for the ride is in for quite the treat!

Table for One please…thinking happy thoughts…Love me or leave me alone!

BACK TO HAPPY TIP:  Leave your past behind, never allow it to affect current situations!  Live in the moment… Smile on purpose!


  1. That's right Court, believe and U shall recieve!
    Leave the past behind!

  2. This is great! Actually your wording should be I HAVE a successfull fulfilling career! I HAVE joy! I HAVE peace!I ENJOY my life! Saying I will...is saying that you don't have it yet and the universe will agree with you!Can you tell I have studied this lol!

  3. I watched the documentary about the secret several times and read research on it. I came to find that I was already like this. I think that's why so many blessings come my way. We have to smile thru the good and the bad. We shouldn't wait til we receive what we want to start rejoicing,rejoice long before we even get it. It works like faith in God. You don't wait until God gives you what you want to put your faith in him. My problem though,is letting go of the past. I have major trust issues stemming from my childhood all the way up to adulthood. I try not to let this affect my relationship and i'm getting better at it day by day. It's easier said than done though. I do however,think it's wrong for individuals to react negatively toward their significant other because of their insecurities. Don't cheat just because you're constantly being accused of it. Just go out of your way to show that person why you won't cheat or do anything to them that you don't want done to yourself. The only thing about the Law of Attraction though is that when it comes to second and third parties it doesn't work the same. This was stated in the documentary. The only aspect of it that we can't control is when it requires effort from someone other than ourselves. @Courtney-I do think that because you change your attitude from something that wasn't really you,to a more positive(this is really me) attitude,you will attract the things you longed for and hoped for. That what you don't attract,may not be meant for you.


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