Time is known to heal all wounds and when my best friend in the whole wide world and my big sister were telling me this on a 3-way conversation we had when I first became single, I just couldn’t see it.  In fact, I was actually pissed with them for telling me that life would go on and that I’d be ok… That my relationship or the person I was with didn’t make me who I was.  And, of course, I now realize that they were right!

Once I finally got over the rejection, I was fine!  Better than fine; actually, I was different, I had made progress.  And more recently I have seen an enormous amount of personal progress in my life.  I’ve made the decision to focus on me.  To actually be selfish!  I have always been very giving and caring to my friends and loved ones… so much that I’ve sacrificed my own happiness in certain situations.  But, the new 2012 Courtney has decided that this part of me is over!  I am single for a reason and I choose to spend my energy working on myself, not others! 

My decision to not let the actions of others affect, my mood has really been working lately.  And I’m so proud of myself.  At first, it was hard because I was expecting so much from those around me.  But, I’ve had to stop depending on the actions of others for my happiness… A sister has got to do it for myself!

How much weight do the actions of others carry in your life?  Whether it be family, friends or significant others, how much power do they have?

As we know, Valentine’s Day (the most romantic day in the world and the flower business’ busiest day) was earlier this week.  Most of my single friends were without dates and although, not all of them were sad, one of them was.  She stayed in the house, instead of coming out and creating fun for herself… This really bothered me!  I told her that she HAS TO DECIDE that she will be happy, whether she is alone or in a relationship.  I told her that ever since I decided to take my life back, I’ve been just fine!  And the fact that I wasn’t in a relationship on the most romantic day of the year WAS NOT going to ruin my day!

So, I went out!  I had a blast too! I didn’t want to sit and give this great holiday my power... my joy...  Or wait on empty acknowledgements from the “friends” in my life… I could’ve even gone out with someone that I didn’t REALLY want to be with, just so I can say I wasn’t alone on Valentine’s Day, but I refused!  Because I am making personal progress, I own and control my happiness and not waiting on someone else to do it for me!  And knowing that I am in control of my life and hold the POWER to my happiness is a wonderful thing!


Table for One please… feeling powerful... Love me or Leave me alone…

BACK TO HAPPY TIP: If you’ve gotten weak in some parts of your life, figure out what you need to do to take back that power!  Once you’ve got it back, you’ll be unstoppable!


  1. Great post, I feel like you read my mind yet again. I just went through a breakup and someone told me that life would go on as well and looking back, it actually has. My crying and frequent outbreaks subsided after about 2 weeks. I guess I was in mourning. Although I knew what I lost I realized what I'd found... myself. Sooo many times we give our all thinking as Andre 3000 'what if he's the one'. During those times we lose ourselves a bit, kinda hoping and praying that they are. Before you know it the 'single you' is gone and you've begun operating as the 'relationship you'. Sorry for the rant, but I'm happy I'm able to see myself in all of my fabulousness.

    1. Thanks so much for reading!!! Yes, its a wonderful feeling to be "over" someone or a situaton. Its funny this post comes back up because a song came on the radio a couple days ago and I was expecting to feel a sting when I heard the opening music and when I realized I was bracing myself for nothing I was able to sing along with the artist for the first time in years!! Great feeling! Keep reading... Thanks again for your support!


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