Act like... YOURSELF!

I for one ALWAYS follow the rules! I was a very obedient child and very rarely got in trouble.  But when it comes to dating I can’t figure out which rules to follow!  I like rules (to a certain extent) because they create boundaries, order, and accountability. 
However, when it comes to dating, there are so many unwritten rules; I find it hard to keep up.  Especially with so many relationship books telling us how to act, what to wear, how to respond in situations, when to give up the cookies and how to respond in different situations… blah blah blah!
I am completely confused with what's right and what's wrong… Between Steve Harvey, Dr. Love and whoever else claims to be an expert on relationships telling us what to do, women have completely morphed into puppets! Some women are calculating every single move they make when dating because these "experts" told them to!  Forgive my tone if I sound a little harsh but this whole "relationship expert advised" dating world has become exhausting!  I don’t think that it’s wrong to seek advice in any situation, but receiving dating advice from a stranger is just not for me!
I enjoy dating and getting to know people, but I feel like I can't be myself! You all should know by now that I like to think of myself as an acquired taste and not everyone can handle "all that I am"! A few of my friends have read relationship books and have recommended that I do the same, but it’s just not something I am interested in doing!
When the man of my dreams FINALLY sweeps me off of my feet I don't want it to be because he was tricked into doing so! Lbvs... I don't want to "catch" him because I did certain things in a certain order because the author of some book told me to!
People were building relationships with longevity and trust way before this "love advice frenzy" became so trendy! I have never once picked up any relationship book and I don't plan on ever doing so!
I want the person I grow to love to “get to know” the real me… The me that will work their nerves and give them butterflies all at the same time... The me that will make them want their space yet think of me every second that they are away... The me that is full of flaws yet perfect to them... the real me... that they could live without but will never want to know what it feels like!
I'm excited about the dating process and what it will bring to my life and I WILL HAVE happiness in a relationship and it won't be because I “acted” a certain way, or “held out” for a certain amount of time, or followed any rules! I will have it because what is meant to be will be!
I am a woman... I plan to act like one AND think like one...
Table for One please... Writing my own book... Love me or leave me alone!
BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Be YOURSELF!!! It’s too much work trying to be what you feel others want you to be!


  1. Amazing...Perfectly stated! I actually read Steve Harvey's book and I hated it. I totally agree with you...No one person can tell another one person how to act to get what is meant to already be and if we are so busy acting then how do we decipher what is fiction and what is reality. Great Post Love...Just started following you blog and I truly enjoy it!!!

  2. The whole idea just doesn't sit well with me! Thanks so much for your support! Please share it with your friends! And keep reading!!!Thaks again Ebony!

  3. Great one Court! Love your plays on words. Girl, I'm glad you're gonna be you and only you...The man for you will definitely take notice and sweep you up! ;-)


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