Cause I'm a Woman! W-O-M-A-N!

I’d like to think that I am a great conversationalist and in order for me to be an affective communicator I must be a great listener.  Sometimes I talk too much…LOL, but my father says, “God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth, so we could listen twice as much as we speak”!  Lately, I have been trying to listen more to the things around me… But not just the obvious, like what I hear people say, but to the unconventional things like my instincts!  I never thought I had a womanly instinct to listen to because I guess I’ve never thought of myself as a woman!  (Weird, right?) I mean, I thought of myself as a woman, scientifically (let’s clear that up)…LOL, but I never thought I had experienced enough in life to adorn that title, until recently.
But now that I view myself as a woman…as a W-O-M-A-N…I have begun to pay attention to the little things.  Butterflies in my stomach, second thoughts, angry reactions and whatever other signs may come.  I listen!  Especially when it comes to dating, it’s the only thing I have.  I mean, of course I have my friends to bounce ideas off of and have conversations with.  But more recently, I’ve become more independent in these situations, trying not to allow the opinions of others effect decisions I make in my personal life.  This way if I fail, I have no one to blame but myself.
While dating, I struggle on whether or not to move forward with certain situations.  How do you know if people are sincere?  I recently had a conversation with a very close friend of mine about relationships and how she should “live in the moment”!  She’s dating a new guy and really likes him, but is afraid to let her guard down because she is afraid of being hurt.  Well, my thought is, what if this is the last time she will ever have this opportunity!?!  What if this is the last “getting to know you” experience she will have?  Is she going to miss out on all of the “butterflies” because she is too afraid to open up?
I’m starting to learn that I am a hopeless romantic like my mother!  Because dating someone new doesn’t scare me, it excites me!  Because I am so eager for “butterflies” that I’m willing to take the risk of falling!  And whether I fall in love or on my face, I’m willing to take the risk!  But along the way, I just listen to the signs and trust that they will lead me in the right direction!
I guess I’ve had these instincts all along, this little voice in my head or feeling in my stomach that serves as my personal “second opinion” when it comes to making decisions.  I’m not sure if it’s the best thing to do, but nothing else has seemed to work… So I might as well give this a try!  God has blessed me with these womanly instincts and a spirit of discernment so I cannot be afraid to use them!
Table for One please… no risk, no reward… Love me or leave me alone…
BACK TO HAPPY TIP: Listen to yourself! Make yourself happy! And worry about the rest later J



  2. I love your attitude about this!! Its really easy to be discouraged about opening up to someone after you've been hurt, but there's no way to get over the hurt if you dwell in it instead of taking a risk and opening up to someone new. I'm trying to practice this now myself :-)

  3. Thanks @Bri... Sometimes you have to encourage yourself!!

    @Mommy you are FUNNY!!!


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