I have fun! I mean, I really have a lot of fun! I’ve actually made the choice to enjoy my life!

I am currently not satisfied with certain parts of my life… things that I just have to deal with at this time.  However, the parts of my life that I can control, I try to live them as carefree as possible!

I have enough to worry about, so when it’s time to have fun, I do just that! Yes, I drink, I dabble in smoking hookah…I love to dance, spending time with friends and family, singing songs out of key, and so much more. And when I get these opportunities… I LIVE IT UP!

However, sometimes in the midst of having all of this fun, I can make some crazy decisions!


A good friend of mine once told me to ALWAYS listen to my instincts because they will never lead me wrong. I laughed at her, even though she was extremely serious during this conversation that I ruined by being silly, she was serious! She explained that my intuition will always be spot on and that I should never doubt it. But for some reason, even knowing what she said to be true, I hardly ever listen! And when I don’t… TROUBLE!


Have you ever wanted to do something that you knew was wrong?!? I do, ALL of the time! My voice of reason is usually over-ruled by the shameless, fearless, dare-devil one! SMH…
I know that I shouldn’t give “this guy” my number or have “just one more martini” but for some reason, I end up doing it anyway!


Now, I am not speaking of heavy, life-changing mistakes that affect the lives of others… These are simply bad decisions. I make mistakes often and regret them, the thing is… why?!? Why do I regret them? My regret mostly comes from the “what if!?!” What if I didn’t make that decision? How much different would my life be… This comes from years of small mistakes… And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know everything happens for a reason, but what if I messed up “the reason” by making careless mistakes?


A great friend of mine once told me, NEVER regret! I called her just last week, actually to tell her about my weekend, and I was ready for the “WTH Court?!?” to come from the other end of the phone, but it never did! She was surprisingly calm and collected. She told me to chill out and move on! The decisions we make are the ones we have to deal with and that I would drive myself crazy trying to rewind and have a do-over! It’s done! So what’s next?!?

I SO needed to have this conversation with my friend, she helped me more than she knows! Now, I’m not saying that I will NEVER make another careless decision but I am learning to take everything for what it is… Just another step along this journey!  My journey…

Table for One please… Regret nothing… Love me or leave me alone!

BACK TO HAPPY TIP: You were given instincts for a reason… Listen to them!


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