Contagious Joy

When I was a child, I hardly ever got into trouble, but when I did it was for silly things, like talking too much in class or laughing uncontrollably.  Yes, I was the silly kid that all teachers despise; I would hear or see something silly and laugh for ridiculous amounts of time at something that probably wasn’t very funny to begin with.  And this wasn’t a fake laugh, it was an out loud, tear jerking, hold your stomach laugh!
But as I’ve grown up and experienced LIFE, I sometimes wish I could go back to the 10-year-old little girl with no worries and no reasons needed to laugh.  To laugh just for the hell of it is a wonderful thing!  I believe laughter is therapeutic… Have you ever been in a room with someone who started laughing at something that you didn’t feel was funny at all, but all of a sudden you are laughing right along with them!?!  This happens to me all of the time…Maybe it’s because I’m silly, but trust me, I take joy any way I can get it and this kind, the effortless kind, it’s the best!
I am loud… Always have been, especially when I am “in my feelings” joy, pain, hurt, anger or fear, so it’s only natural that when I laugh everyone around me will feel my joy!  And that’s a wonderful thing, to spread joy, you should try it, they say that misery loves company but lately, I’ve tried to be in the company of happy people.  When I’m sad and feeling sorry for myself, I usually stay to myself and shut my friends and family out.  This is not something they are used to because I’m usually an “in your face”, “pay attention to me”, “I want ALL of the attention” type of girl!  So I’ve tried to surround myself with people that make me happy, whether it’s close friends or my mother, a guy I’m dating or my godson…When the people around me are happy, so am I.
Some people don’t ever laugh… They are down and out and in the dumps ALL OF THE TIME! I just can’t do it!  I can probably walk around for a few days with a “woe is me” attitude, but after a while I have to snap myself out of that mess… It’s exhausting, feeling sorry for yourself, who wants to live like that!?!  NOT ME!
As I watched one of my favorite movies Sex and the City the other day, one of the scenes really screamed “GET YOURSELF TOGTHER, COURTNEY”!
Carrie: Will I ever laugh again?  Miranda: Yes.  Carrie: When?  Miranda: When something's really, really funny. -Sex and the City
Table for One please… giggling every chance I get… Love me or leave me alone!
BACK TO HAPPY TIP:  Have you heard the term: “Dance like no one’s watching”?  Well, it’s time to laugh like no one’s watching and trust me, they are and more than likely, they’ll join in on the fun!


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